Pierre Carrier

Pierre Carrier was born in Lévis in 1946, and has had a diverse and successful career that took him from the public service to event planning. Amongst other things, Pierre was a civil servant at the Department of the Secretary of State in Ottawa; owned and operated a sheep farm in rural Québec; and founded Agnus Dei Traiteur, a successful catering and event planning company that now employs over 150 full-time staff.

Pierre is especially proud of the fact that Agnus Dei is an environmental leader in the catering industry. For over fifteen years, they have focused on reducing waste, cooking with local and organic supplies, and utilizing reusable or fully compostable dishes. Agnus Dei is a member of Fourchette Bleue, participated in the BNQ 21000 Sustainable Development Project, and has been recognized by the magazine l'Actualité as an environmental champion.

In addition to these experiences, Pierre served as the President of the Association des traiteurs du Québec from 2011 to 2015, and spent over fifteen years working to create a textbook on macroeconomics.

Pierre looks forward to utilizing his experience as a civil servant, entrepreneur, small business owner, and environmental leader to serve the people of Beloeil—Chambly.