Jean-Michel Lavarenne runs his own business, a software development company he founded in 2018, which services international humanitarian agencies, organizations within the medical industry, and Canada’s biggest marketing strategy firm. A proponent of agile leadership practices, he has repeatedly led teams in the successful delivery of complex projects. 
Jean-Michel holds a bachelor’s degree from the Université de Montréal in computer science and digital music. The father of two teenage children —the oldest of which is very involved in the current youth movement protesting against inaction on climate change— Jean-Michel believes that it is the duty of the concerned citizen to get involved in politics and help solve the urgent challenges that are before us as a nation and as a species on Earth. 
Jean-Michel is passionately interested in the economic transformations required to ensure the future health of our country and planet, and is committed to galvanizing new investment in green technology and innovation. He is confident that humanity is capable of swiftly adapting in the short span of time we are afforded, and wants to roll up his sleeves and apply his skills in making those changes happen.