Protect Our Drinking Water: Stop Asbestos Contamination Now

Asbestos in drinking water is a hidden danger in many Canadian communities. Despite a national ban on asbestos, countless water pipes made from asbestos cement still deliver water to our homes. This oversight exposes millions, especially in older neighborhoods, to potential health risks.

Why It Matters:

  • Health Risks: Asbestos fibers in drinking water can cause serious health problems.
  • Aging Infrastructure: Many asbestos cement pipes are old and deteriorating, increasing the risk of asbestos release into water systems.
  • Lack of Regulation: There is insufficient regulation addressing asbestos in our drinking water.

Our Demands:

  • Risk Evaluation: The government must evaluate the health risks associated with asbestos in drinking water.
  • Community Transparency: Clearly identify which communities are at risk due to asbestos-laden pipes.
  • Safe Replacement: Develop and implement a plan to safely replace asbestos-containing pipes.
  • Dedicated Oversight: Establish a dedicated body to ensure asbestos is eliminated from our surroundings.

Take Action: Join us in safeguarding the health of our communities. Send an email to Minister Guilbeault now and make your voice heard. Let’s ensure clean and safe drinking water for all Canadians.