Pollution knows no boundaries, it affects all Canadians. Like sponges, our bodies are absorbing pollution and are developing environment-related illnesses at an alarming rate. From non-stick cookware to pesticides to some things that you wouldn't even think twice about, Canada is becoming a toxic country. In fact, we rate near last in all OECD categories for toxic chemicals including nuclear waste (overall rated 30th out of 30 industrialized countries). Many Canadians are scratching their heads and asking: Are we becoming the world's toxic dump? Our bodies have become chemical stockpiles for hundreds of toxins that are not properly regulated by the federal government. Flame retardant from our furniture shows up in breast-milk; lead (a known hormone disruptor) from metal smelters causes reproductive defects; and our microwave popcorn wrapper surprises you with cancer-related perfluorooctane sulfonate (or PFOs). The Green Party does not accept the federal government's inaction in protecting the health of Canadians. The Green Party believes that clean air, soil and water is a basic right for all Canadians.

Green Party MPs will work to:

  • Eliminate the use of the most dangerous toxic chemicals by 2008.
  • Prohibit the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes.
  • Make industry accountable for its chemicals and impose significant pollution taxes on harmful chemicals until they can be eliminated.
  • Regulate chemicals in consumer products through the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA).
  • Mandate a CEPA taskforce to focus on pollution reduction in the Great Lakes basin.
  • Create a Clean Canada Fund to clean up toxic sites.
  • Re-focus the Canadian Environmental Protection Act on pollution prevention.
  • Ban the incineration of imported toxic waste.