Protecting Canada's Biodiversity

As the second largest country in the world in land area, Canada is home to an amazing diversity of species and life. In addition to its inherent value, this biodiversity provides us with significant advantages. A countless number of species maintain the balance and health of our different eco-regions, sustaining hundreds of thousands of jobs, as well as many Aboriginal communities. Greater biological diversity also means a greater pool of genes, which translates into ecological resiliency and flexible resource bases. Species extinction and the destruction of ecosystems through uninspired old-school economics threatens our health and hinders our future, long-term economic wealth. For example, clear-cutting an old growth forest will provide fewer jobs and economic opportunities over the long-term than conservation. By keeping that forest intact, we can provide a stable diversified employment base through ecotourism, sustainable forestry, and unlocking its genetic mysteries through scientific research. Reflecting Canadian values, the Green Party respects life in all its forms and believes in the principle of looking ahead seven generations to envision the consequences of our actions today. It is only through a long-term perspective that we can build a stable and healthy society.

Green Party MPs will work to:

  • Sign and implement the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, ensuring that the adoption of new products is guided by the precautionary principle, which balances the economic benefits of innovation with public health and ecological integrity.
  • Strengthen and enforce Canada's Species at Risk Act in partnership with the provinces and territories to protect all species at risk and their habitats.
  • Provide Parks Canada with the funding necessary to protect the ecological integrity of Canada's National Parks and, working with provinces, establish compatible-use buffer zones around national parks.
  • Work with provincial governments to eliminate aquaculture practices that damage marine environment and human health.
  • Fast track the establishment of marine protected areas.
  • End federal assistance to the commercial seal hunt and encourage more diverse and sustainable economic alternatives for sealers and their communities.
  • Expand, in partnership with provinces, territories, and aboriginal peoples, Canada's network of land, freshwater and marine protected areas for the maintenance of biological diversity and ecosystem health.
  • Ban bottom dragging and lead efforts for a global ban on harmful fishing practices.