Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet is an alternative cabinet to the government which shadows and provides critical opposition on policy matters to the government’s position.

Position Contact
Co-Chair Elizabeth May
Co-Chair Lorraine Rekmans
Agriculture Kate Storey
Animal Issues Vacant
Arctic and Northern Affairs Richard Jaques
Arts, Culture and Heritage Jo-Ann Roberts
Climate Change Richard Zurawski
Democratic Reform David Merner
Energy and Natural Resources David Robinson
Environment Elizabeth May
Fisheries Glenn Sollitt
Health Daniel Green
Human Rights Vacant
Human Rights & Development Jacqueline Romanow
Immigration and Citizenship Vacant
Indigenous Affairs Lorraine Rekmans
Industry Jen Hunter
Infrastructure and Community Development Gord Miller
International Affairs Jeff Wheeldon
International Trade Paul Manly
Justice Nira Dookeran
Labour and Employment Mary Lou Babineau
Mental Health Vacant
National Revenue and Ecological Fiscal Reform Erich Jacoby-Hawkins
Nuclear Energy Bruce Hyer
Peace and Security Ronnie Smith
Poverty Elimination David Weber
(519) 591-5773
Public Safety Brenda Sayers
Public Works and Government Services Vacant
Quebec Advocate Joey Leckman
Science and Innovation Amita Kuttner
Science Policy Lynne Quarmby
Seniors Valerie Powell
(705) 835-0149
Small Business Jean-Luc Cooke
(613) 800-0571
Social Services Vacant
Status of Women Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi
Transportation Frances Litman
Treasury Board Shirley Picknell
(418) 801-7795
Urban Affairs and Housing Wes Regan
Veterans Affairs John Percy
(902) 252-3995
Water Lorraine Banville
Youth Cherie Wong