Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet of the Green Party of Canada is an alternative cabinet which shadows/mirrors government portfolios in most cases. Shadow Cabinet Critics play a vital role in promoting bold Green policies and priorities, serving as spokespeople for the Green Party, and offering policy solutions based on member-approved policies.

Dr. Maria Rodriguez

Agriculture and Rural Revitalization

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Sandy Crawley

Arts, Culture and Heritage

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Alison Lam

Arts, Culture and Heritage

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Dr. Imre Szeman

Climate Change

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Dr. Farrukh Chishtie

Climate Change

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Anna Keenan

Democratic Reform

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Kimberley Vance-Mubanga

Diversity and Inclusion

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Dr. Michelle Bowman


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Beth Eden


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Keila Stark

Fisheries and Oceans

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Dr. Devyani Singh

Green Recovery

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Dr. Jennifer Purdy


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Nazanin Moghadami

Immigration and Refugee Issues

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Karen Farley


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Dyanoosh Youssefi


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Tim Grant

Municipal Affairs & Transport

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Adeana Young

Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs Critic

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Valerie Powell


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Clément Badra


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