Support our Students

It’s time to abolish tuition. High fees for university and post-secondary training programs burden students with crippling debt and deny countless Canadians access to the full range of educational opportunities they deserve.

Costly tuition widens Canada’s wealth gap, causing cyclical poverty and promoting a system in which only the wealthy can pursue higher education with ease. We waste billions chasing down debts that cannot be repaid and are ultimately forgiven. Given our country’s ample resources, this isn’t just unfair and undemocratic, it’s unwise.

The average Canadian university graduate finishes school with more than $26,000 in student debt

Education is a public good. Our future depends on a capable, creative and knowledgeable workforce and that means that everyone should have access to post-secondary education, regardless of financial status.

We must protect and nurture our students, not punish them with lifelong debt.

And frankly, we can’t afford to limit our choices when it comes to the next generation of leaders. If we’re going to solve the global environmental crisis, encourage real grassroots change and foster green innovation, we’ll need to train and educate all the exceptional, young Canadians we can.

Free tuition isn’t radical, it’s sensible. That’s why Green MPs will:

  • Abolish tuition
  • Adopt student debt cancellation programs for student debt that exceeds $10,000
  • Institute a Community and Environment Service Corps to support youth employment, research and development in crucial Canadian sectors
  • Invest in the green economy and create new green apprenticeship programs for young Canadians
  • Eliminate the Canada Student Loans Program In-Study Income Assessment and extend grant availability to graduate and doctoral students

Invest in the next generation

Add your name to help us abolish tuition and help the next generation of leaders.