Sample Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Electoral Reform - Because It’s 2016

This week, our government will ask us voters to complete a survey on electoral reform. The daily grind of our lives doesn’t allow much time to focus on how we elect our MPs, but this survey urgently deserves our attention.

Since before 1867, we’ve voted with a winner-take-all system, which unfairly encourages strategic voting, false majorities, polarized, toxic campaigns and Parliamentary vote whipping. It worked when Canada was dominated by only two parties, but it now it’s outdated. Our antiquated electoral setup guarantees millions of us Canadians cast useless ballots in every election, effectively alienating us from political representation.

When you get your postcard in the mail, don’t ignore it. Go to the website,, and answer the questionnaire! Failure to engage and modernize our voting process enables the continuation of a discriminatory system. It’s time we changed that. Because it’s 2016.

Thank you,

Jane Doe
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