Sample Invite to Operation Postcard Event

SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL: Make this season of giving become a part of Canadian history!
AUDIENCE: personal contacts, Green Party friends, MPs, neighbours, like-minded groups in your area.

Hey there!

As you may be aware, at the beginning of December, the government is mailing postcards to all Canadians, advising them to go to a website and complete an opinion survey on electoral reform. I send you this invitation to ask you to take part in a fun and exciting way to fill out the survey and to be part of history!

We are hosting an ‘Operation Postcard’ seasonal get together. The purpose of this event is to bring people together in a social setting, {with snacks and drinks}*, to fill out as many of these surveys as we can! Please ask family, friends, neighbours, local politicians, and folks from like minded community groups to join the fun - they don’t have to be Greens! This issue is one that crosses party lines. Anyone who has an interest in politics and the future of Canadian democracy can join in the fun!


{Please let me know if you can bring a treat, or refreshment.}* Applicable if you are hosting your OP Event privately. You can delete this from your invitation if you are holding this at a restaurant or pub.

We are hosting this party, so that as a group, we can show our elected representatives just how important this issue is to Canadians. Also, as a group, we can provide a service for those people, who for whatever reason, are unable to complete the survey themselves.

Let’s shine the spotlight on democracy. Acting to encourage our elected representatives to make our voting system fair is a big task, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun!

Please RSVP to: {your email address}

{Your Name}

P.S. Don’t forget to share this far and wide! Let’s make this a big deal so that we can offer Canada a better democracy in 2019!