Operation Postcard Party Toolkit

By hosting or participating in a Operation Postcard party, you are encouraging our elected representatives to make our voting system fair. Here’s how to have a fun, successful Operation Postcard event. 

Urgent Update!

Your Operation Postcard Kit was written just prior to the www.MyDemocracy.ca survey going live, and we could not have imagined the  questions prior to our release of this kit. As an update, please be advised that,
  • Survey questions vary, depending on when you log onto the site
  • The survey avoids directly asking respondents for preferred voting systems or electoral reform
  • We have some solid ideas to work around these issues:
    1. Don’t be discouraged! Host your party and fill in those surveys, regardless! Photographing or filming your get togethers, adding those images to social media, and sending them out to mainstream media outlets will tell our government that we are engaged, and we want electoral reform!
    2. When you and your peeps complete your surveys, send a short note to either MP Elizabeth May or MP Nathan Cullen. (May and Cullen have been indefatigable champions of electoral reform, and can be relied upon to pass the information on to the appropriate channels.) You need only say, “I want PR”. Include your name and contact information. You can even reuse your postcards to send your message, if you are printing on regular paper, please enclose it in an envelope. See the Contact List in the Resources Section for the addresses, and be aware, sending mail to MPs DOES NOT REQUIRE POSTAGE.
    3. In addition to the steps above, also call 1-844-690-8363, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, M-F, until 30 December, 2016. You will reach LIVE HUMANS, who will assist you. Instruct them to officially record your message: “The survey did not ask me this, and you need to know, I want PR”! They will make an appointment to call you back, at which time you can pass along your message.

Before your event:

  • Choose the date, time and location for your party.
  • Pick a place with WiFi, preferably within easy access to public transit. These locations could include coffee shop, pubs, diners, libraries or private homes. In keeping with our Green values in mind, pick a location that supports a local entrepreneur.
  • Set a goal for the size of your party and invite as many people as your location can handle.  Ask family, friends, neighbours, local politicians, and folks from like-minded community groups to join the fun! This issue crosses party lines, so invite anyone who has an interest in politics.

(Pro Tip: Typically, about half as many people who RSVP for any given event will be no shows. Increase the number of invitees accordingly.)

(Pro Tip: In-person and phone invitations are most effective.)

  • Encourage invitees to RSVP on a date no earlier than a week prior to your event, and no sooner than a few days before your event. To convey urgency, suggest that space is limited. 
  • Notify the media of your plans using this press release template.
  • If you are not hosting the party at a pub or diner, plan your menu. Keep it simple, fun and safe by asking others to contribute drinks and food. If you’re serving alcohol, ensure responsible consumption.
  • It’s highly encouraged to live-stream, film or photograph your event. Test your equipment and set-up ahead of time, to minimize problems during the event. Facebook Live is a simple, free method of livestreaming.  Share the link with the Green Party of Canada Facebook page, so that we help publicize your Operation Postcard party. 

On the Day Before Your Party:

  • Confirm the details of the event with your guests. Confirmation increases attendance, gets guest enthused about the party, and gives you a chance to answer their questions.
  • Remind your guests about the event via phone, text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in-person. 

During your event:

  • Help everyone to complete their surveys- see a guide and suggestions at www.mycanadiandemocracy.ca. Thank you to FairVote Canada for this!
  • Help guests complete their surveys.
  • Film, livestream or photograph the fun.
  • Share images to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Tag your content so that it gets viewed by the media, Maryam Monsef, Prime Minister Trudeau, members of the ERRE committee, and members of your community. To reach out to MPs, use their Twitter handles

After your event:

Within 24 hours:

  • Post images from your party to Facebook, Twiter and Instagram using the guidelines above. 
  • Use social media to thank politicians and the ERRE committee members for their hard work. Remind politicians about the commitments they have made about voting reform. 

Within 3 Days:

  • Thank your guests for attending. Thank you messages engender positive feelings, and encourages guests to want to attend future events. Here’s a sample thank you message.

No Party? No Problem!

If you can’t arrange a party, here’s what you can do instead:

  • Use social media to encourage other Canadians to host Operation Postcard parties.

  • Write letters to the local paper, and ask your contacts to do the same. If you don't want to write your own letter to the editor, use this sample letter.
  • Call your MP to voice your support for electoral reform. Ask your contacts to do the same.
  • Ask your friends and family to complete the MyDemocracy survey. Follow up with them and confirm their completion.