Save the last of Canada's old growth forests

BC’s majestic old growth is in crisis. Every hour, 2 football fields of ancient forest, including 800-year-old trees are being clear cut logged.

As the climate crisis, insect infestations and forest fires intensify, one of our best defences against them -- old growth trees -- are being logged to oblivion.  75% has been logged, and only 8% is protected. And what’s worse is they’re being exported as raw logs, so we’re reaping minimal benefits for the loss of these precious trees.

One of the best carbon sinks on Earth, these trees hold significant value to Indigenous peoples, and are essential for salmon and watershed health. They draw tourism from around the world and hold so much water that they’re a line of defence against increasing forest fires.

Though forestry is typically provincial jurisdiction, the provincial NDP isn't doing enough, and this is a threat to national efforts to stop the climate crisis - the federal government needs to step in as it has with carbon pricing.

Greens are the only party standing up for the last old growth trees, and will fight for their protection in Parliament. Add your name to join the fight, before the election in a few weeks.

Photos by TJ Watt, Ancient Forest Alliance. Source: