Guelph Mercury election editorial endorses Green Candidate Mike Nagy

Jim Harris

Guelph Mercury endorses Mike Nagy

After the 45 day by-election and investing more than 10,000 volunteer hours invested by almost 400 volunteers, to have the by-election cancelled just one day before Eday -- the Guelph Greens were a bit frustrated.

But there was good news. The campaign got to keep identifying supporters, keep building momentum -- and campaingning among the thousands of students who returned to University in Guelph. Well, all the hard work has paid off!

Today (Oct 8) The Guelph Mercury -- the only daily newspaper in the city and one of the most influential media in the riding -- endorsed Mike Nagy. This is the crowning glory on a magnificent campaign -- and will no doubt put Mike over the top to win on October 14.

Mike will win in Guelph -- thanks to the incredible hard work of hundreds of volunteers who have been working flat out! Guelph is Going Green!!! And making history!!

Guelph Needs Your Help for the Final Push to Go Green
We need your help to win our first seat in Ontario. Our best riding in Ontario is in Guelph! Mike Nagy just received the endorsement of the Guelph Mercury – the only daily newspaper and the most influential media in the city.

In the final four days Mike’s campaign needs every bit of help possible in the final push to make sure every Green supporter and undecided gets out to the polls to vote Green! If you have any spare time this weekend here are two things you can do to help:

Canvass by phone. If 200 people make just 12 calls a day for the next four days – I guarantee that we will win Guelph! Set a goal of making just 12 calls a day for the last four days using the Virtual Phone Bank (called GRIMES). To get set up call Danielle Roberts at the campaign office at (519) 820-6899 or email her at

or Come to Guelph part of this last weekend push or on Monday or Tuesday. The campaign office is 73 Gordon St (corner of Gordon and Wellington) phone # (519) 820-6899. If you're need a place to stay over night at let Office Manager Patti Maurice know at or call the campaign office at (519) 820-6899 or home (519) 824-2744 and she’ll find you a place to stay. For a Google map see,+guelph&sll

Back to the Guelph Mercury editorial. Here are some excerpts from the piece:

The Guelph riding would be best served by choosing a . . . distinctive voice in the next Parliament, and that voice can be found in the veteran federal candidate Mike Nagy, the Green party hopeful.

After discussing why it is not selecting any of the other candidates, the Guelph Mercury endorses Mike Nagy:

There are two distinct strains in this federal campaign — the economy and the environment. But the economy and the environment are not mutually exclusive, and of all the Guelph candidates, Nagy has best grasped that. He has a solid vision of green-job creation here, and a complex understanding of local and national environmental issues.

There was clear momentum and optimism during the byelection that the Greens had a legitimate shot at electing Canada’s first Green MP.

The concept of strategic voting should be a non-starter. Think instead of a Nagy mantra: vote for what you really want.

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