Say No to Enbridge

Stephen Harper’s federal cabinet has approved Enbridge’s risky pipeline.

The approval follows the National Energy Board’s December ruling that Enbridge’s risky pipeline project should go ahead -- which came as no surprise given that the NEB has never said “no” to a pipeline.

The NEB decision was entirely deficient in noting significant environmental damage but stating the economic benefits trump the risk, without providing any cost-benefit economic analysis.

But here’s the thing -- the Harper Conservatives should not think for a millisecond that this decision means this reckless project will go ahead.

They believe that the enormous risks that we as Canadians are taking to our land and water are outweighed by the economic benefits.

Clearly, that’s not the case. Any economic benefits from this project will go to multinational corporations and foreign refineries.

We need to act today -- add your name now. Be part of one loud voice that shows that we, as Canadians, are defiant.

Your voice on this issue is the most powerful thing you’ve got in this fight. We need you to use it.

The Green Party is taking action and gathering names in opposition to this reckless project -- you can add your name: