Elizabeth May: The Slow Pace of Parliament (Policy Magazine)

    Blog | Elizabeth May | Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017
    The Slow Pace of Parliament Policy Magazine, June 2017 Right after the 2015 election, I wrote a two-part blog titled “Fixing what Harper broke.” It serves as an ongoing checklist of the areas that...

    Elizabeth May: How Justin Trudeau fed the wrong wolf

    Blog | Elizabeth May | Thursday, 02 Feb 2017
    There is an old parable of a North American indigenous culture. My best sources say it is Cherokee, but I first heard it from a Mi’qmak elder. It is the story of a grandfather who told his small...

    Elizabeth May’s brief on C-51 and national security

    Blog | Elizabeth May | Monday, 28 Nov 2016
    Respond to the Online Consultation on National Security before Dec. 15 here. The following is a shortened response to the Green Paper, Our security, Our Rights: National Security Green Paper, 2016....
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