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After a lost decade, it’s time to ratchet up our target

Blog | Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016
The context of our current challenge in the intertwined imperative for both a strong climate and energy strategy is embedded in former prime minister Stephen Harper’s record. We have lost 10 years....

Elizabeth May to the Globe and Mail

Blog | Tuesday, 26 Apr 2016
The following was sent by Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, to the Globe and Mail, as a response to their recent Konrad Yakabuski opinion column, "Can an expanding economy be a low-...

Climate: Time to do what is necessary

Blog | Monday, 25 Apr 2016
  I write this from the train heading back from New York to Canada. The last time I made this trip was September 2014, coming home from the Peoples’ Climate March. My daughter and I marched with over...

Budget Submission to Finance Minister Bill Morneau

Blog | Thursday, 25 Feb 2016
The following is a budget submission from Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, to Minister of Finance Bill Morneau.   Dear Minister, Thank you for the opportunity to submit budgetary...

Unravelling the nightmarish Gordian Knot of Syria

Blog | Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016
The Liberal government has followed through on its campaign commitment to pull Canadian CF-18 fighter jets out of Iraq and Syria.  Simultaneously, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that we will be...

Season's Greetings from Elizabeth May

Blog | Monday, 21 Dec 2015
A holiday message from Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May

COP21 Final Blog - Day 13

Blog | Sunday, 13 Dec 2015
The morning after 13 days- 3 all nighters… And the Paris Agreement is accepted.  The COP21 decision is agreed.  What does it all mean? I have been working on climate for the last 29 years.   In that...

COP21 Blog Update - Day 12

Blog | Saturday, 12 Dec 2015
Yesterday, December 11th, was a day of suspended animation. So forgive me for not writing my daily blog yesterday. To make up for it, you'll likely get two today. At 5:30 AM Friday the all-night "...

COP21 Blog Update - December 10

Blog | Thursday, 10 Dec 2015
After 5 hours of commentary, complaint and suggested possibilities for compromise, the informal round of talks called an "indaba" broke up at 5 am. If President Fabius (who personally chaired this...

COP21 Blog Update

Blog | Wednesday, 09 Dec 2015
A brief blog today. The talks were mostly off-line – one to one (or rather, one COP president to a larger regional grouping, one after the other). Claire Martin had a not entirely small tragedy as a...