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    On Environment Week, Government of Canada missing in action

    Media Release | Wednesday, 08 Jun 2011
    OTTAWA - Today is World Oceans Day, Canadian National Clean Air Day, and both World Environment Week and Canadian Environment Week. Today the Green Party of Canada is noting the sad irony that the...

    Budget once again fails on long-term planning and vision

    Media Release | Monday, 06 Jun 2011
    OTTAWA - The post-election budget, as expected, tracks with the pre-election budget with only two significant changes – $2.2 Billion for Quebec to harmonize sales taxes, and the phase-out of one part...

    The need for a human rights–based approach to drugs policy

    Media Release | Thursday, 02 Jun 2011
    OTTAWA - The Green Party of Canada urges the Canadian government to use a human rights–based approach in its efforts to reduce the harmful effects of the use and trafficking of drugs.  Elizabeth May...