National Dementia Strategy



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Valerie Powell

Party Commentary

This motion, in calling for a National Dementia Strategy to reduce the impact of disability, would create new policy.


WHEREAS the incidence of dementia increases with age and the population of Canada is aging and Whereas the number of people with dementia will rise from 480,600 in 2008 to 1,125,200 in 2038 and

WHEREAS the Economic Burden of dementia doubles every decade, increasing from $15 billion in 2008 to a startling $153 billion in 2038 and

WHEREAS many countries are recognizing the urgent issue of dementia: Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Scotland and the United Kingdom have recently developed specific plans or frameworks for dealing with dementia and

WHEREAS there is an urgent need to start turning the tide of dementia and the Alzheimer Society of Canada report Rising Tide describes four potential intervention scenarios, backed by current evidence that could become critical factors in reducing the impact of dementia and

WHEREAS a National strategy can build on existing programs and services.

(Reference: Rising Tide Study, Alzheimer Society Canada)


Be it resolved that the Green Party of Canada advocate for a National Dementia Strategy to reduce the impact of disability and identify ways to improve services and supports for Canadians and their care partners who are living with dementia.


Adriane Carr, Paul George, Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Eric Walton, Elizabeth May, Alec Adams, Ralph Benmurgui, Jamie Powell, Julie Barker, Gord Ball, Jane Ball, Leslie Nemisz, Joan Cottrell, Murray Cleland, Rosalind Cleland, Gord Phillips, Ken Szijarto, Karen Szijarto, John Winter, Peggy Winter, Valerie Powell