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This motion changes the Leader's fixed four year term to a term that concludes if members do not pass a resolution endorsing the Leader by at least 60% following a General Election. This solves the political issues that a fixed term causes in relation to General Elections which may occur at any time, and accommodates new election legislation that now governs Party leadership contests. This motion is not compatible with motion G10-c12. For more information, please see the backgrounder that accompanies this motion.


WHEREAS the Party's Bylaws do not contemplate the consequences of holding a leadership contest in proximity to a Federal general election;

WHEREAS the Elections Act now has specific limitations and regulations on financing during a leadership contest, which could prevent the Party from having an active Leader whenever a leadership contest takes place;

WHEREAS recent changes to the Elections Act may no longer make it possible for a current Leader to receive a wage from the Party during the four to six month period of a leadership contest; and

WHEREAS a mandated leadership contest every four years distracts the Leader, the Party, and its candidates from the job of presenting Canadians with a Green vision for our country and from the work that needs to be undertaken day in and day out to elect Green members of Parliament;


BE IT RESOLVED that Bylaw be amended to " All Federal Council members shall be elected to serve a two year term or until their successors are elected, except the Leader who shall serve a term pursuant to Bylaw "

BE IT RESOLVED that Bylaw be amended to " Within six months of a Federal General Election, unless the leader becomes prime minister, a Leadership Review, where all Members in good standing may vote, shall be held. The date of the Leadership Review vote will be set by Federal Council and may coincide with a General Meeting. The Leader's term shall end if Members in good standing do not pass a resolution endorsing the Leader by at least 60%. "


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