Toronto—St Paul’s voters can shift Canada’s political climate and rescue democracy

TORONTO - A new Government of Canada report warns that thirty-five ecological, economic, and democratic risks could lead to societal collapse within 10 years if left unaddressed.

The Greens are urging the voters of Toronto—St. Paul's to send a clear signal to status quo politicians that forward-looking risks can no longer be ignored.

"When 500 government experts and stakeholders tell ministers that the ecosystems we rely on for our food are likely to collapse within 10 years, we better make sure they secure our future," said Christian Cullis, Green Party candidate in the Toronto—St. Paul’s by-election. "We can’t ignore these warning signs, just as Liberal and Conservative governments do when they are warned about housing shortages, pandemic risks, and rising inequality."

Among the risks highlighted in the federal Policy Horizon Canada report released last month are greater social impoverishment, disrupted emergency services, unaccountable billionaires running the world, critical infrastructure disabled by cyberattacks, and rogue artificial intelligence.

The Greens believe these risks are unacceptable to society and call on the Government of Canada to establish, with the provinces, a clear and public national action plan highlighting how it plans to mitigate these risks and their impacts on average Canadians.

"Canada has all the know-how and expertise needed to fix the problems we’re faced with today. We’ve built houses before, we’ve regulated markets before, we’ve redistributed wealth before. What’s lacking is political will and courage," said Jonathan Pedneault, Green Deputy Leader. "On June 24, Toronto—St. Paul's has a chance to say: enough. Enough with spineless politicians who sacrifice the future for their own personal gains. Enough with shortsighted, ostrich-like governments that dismiss our problems, suffering, and fears. Enough with our elected officials kicking complex problems down the line to the next generation."

Toronto voters now have an opportunity to be the antidote to the multiple crises we’re faced with and show the way to the rest of the country.

"For decades, we’ve had red and blue governments who were afraid of their own shadows and more motivated by the fear of pissing off their donors or losing their seats than protecting Canadians and building society," Pedneault said. "They could all use a cold shower, and the best way to send a clear message that voters have had enough of status quo politics is to elect Christian Cullis as the next MP for Toronto—St.Pauls. "


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary