Green Party of Canada Reacts to Sentencing of Deputy Leader

OTTAWA -Today, Green Party of Canada deputy leader Angela Davidson, known as Rainbow Eyes, was sentenced to 60 days in jail, less 12 days served, and 75 hours of community service for her stand at Fairy Creek. 

The Green Party of Canada reaffirms its commitment to peaceful protest and ecological justice. Her sentence is a stark reminder of the price paid for political promises left unfulfilled.

"As Greens we stand in solidarity with our brave Deputy Leader Rainbow Eyes who is to lose her freedom for the "crime" of trying to protect the old growth forest the provincial government had said it would protect from logging - and then did nothing,” said Leader Elizabeth May. “We can "stand in solidarity" but it is only Rainbow Eyes who goes to jail - braver than all of us.

“The court’s ruling speaks to the need for injunction reform in Canada. Injunctions are used to convert the justice and policing systems of the state into private cops to protect corporate profits over the public interest. This has to stop.”

“Today’s court decision highlights one thing. Our society and our court system still have a long way to go to move past words and declarations on our path to reconciliation to truly take into account Indigenous perspectives and traditions when it comes to land management, resource extraction and the administration of justice,” remarked Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. “We are appalled by the trials our colleague Rainbow Eyes is forced to go through in defence of old growth forests that benefit us all”.

The Green Party of Canada reiterates its unwavering support for Rainbow Eyes. We call for an end to the criminalization of ecological advocacy and the immediate protection of our old-growth forests. Our collective future depends on the actions we take today to uphold environmental and Indigenous rights.


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary