Green Party of Canada Reinforces Commitment to Rail Service Enhancement with Support for NDP's Rail Passenger Priority Act

OTTAWA - In a move that underscores a longstanding commitment to sustainable transportation, the Green Party of Canada today announces its support for the Rail Passenger Priority Act, Bill C-371, introduced by NDP MP Taylor Bachrach. This endorsement is in line with the party's previous initiatives, notably the VIA Rail Canada Act, Bill C-236, introduced by GPC leader MP Elizabeth May.

“Our support for Bill C-371 reflects the Green Party's longstanding commitment to enhancing Canada's rail services,” stated Ms. May. “Our advocacy for sustainable transportation is demonstrated through consistent actions, including my own regular use of rail travel for commutes to Ottawa. This commitment is integral to our vision for a sustainable and connected Canada.”

The Green Party's dedication to rail service improvement has been a key aspect of its platform for years. Emphasizing environmental sustainability and accessibility, the party has consistently advocated for a more robust and efficient rail network across Canada. This commitment was exemplified by the introduction of Bill C-236 on February 7, 2022, which garnered widespread support, notably from Unifor. Representing over 2000 VIA Rail workers, Unifor's backing underscored the bill's significance in advocating for a sustainable, modernized rail system, further solidifying the Green Party's position as a leader in promoting green transportation initiatives.

“We are glad to see other parties, like the NDP, join us in championing a more accessible and reliable rail system,” said Green MP Mike Morrice. “It's a no-brainer that if we want to improve rail service in this country, passenger service must be given priority on existing tracks. We urge all parties to support Bill C-371, and we will continue to push for ambitious expansion of the rail network as part of the needed investments to give folks better options for getting around and to tackle the climate crisis”


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary