Environment Commissioner's Report Trashes Liberal's Climate Record

OTTAWA - Canada cannot afford to ignore this morning's Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development’s Report, the Green Party of Canada said today.  

"While all other federal parties seem to be in a race to the bottom on how best to erode carbon pricing, we continue to go the wrong direction in the midst of a climate crisis with a closing window of opportunity to act before it's too late," said MP Mike Morrice, Kitchener Centre. "Canadians expect and deserve better from their government."

While the NDP-backed Liberal government continues to make optimistic, misleading assertions about their record, Canada is the only G7 country that has not achieved any emission reductions since 1990.

"Today's report is an indictment of status quo politics and highlights our government’s extraordinary betrayal of future generations,"  said Jonathan Pedneault, Green Party Deputy Leader. "Climate action in Canada has not only been a disaster under the Liberals, it is now also being undermined by the NDP's support for the Conservatives." 

Measures needed to meet the 2030 target were delayed by departments, or were not prioritized. Some 95% of the measures in Canada’s emissions reduction plan did not include a target or expected emissions reductions.

"Environment Canada climate plans are not plans. They are large dollar amounts on spending - some of which might reduce GHG and other spending that certainly will not (like money for Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS), and Small Modular Reactors SMRs), and none of it is tied to specific metric tons (MT) of CO2 reduction," said Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader. "It is like throwing a lot of spaghetti on a wall and hoping some of it sticks."


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary