We've just experienced the hottest week in history and the situation is likely to continue to deteriorate, says Green Party

Last Monday, July 3rd, our planet experienced the hottest day on record in terms of average temperature since statistics on the subject have been compiled. This sad record didn't last very long. The scorching heat continued to intensify over the next three days. The situation was "totally unprecedented and terrifying", according to Professor Emeritus Bill McGuire. According to many specialists, this is only the beginning. Heat waves are set to continue in July and August, and El Niño conditions are likely to make the situation even worse.

"The days, weeks and months ahead will determine the future of our planet. Climate change is no longer knocking at the door. We've let them in, and they're making themselves comfortable in the living room while we make popcorn," said Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault. "Before long, they'll have taken over the house and forced us to live in the basement. It's no longer enough to say, as the Liberals do, that 'the situation is under control'. We have to act now, drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions today and preserve the lives of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

It's no longer even necessary to talk about hypotheses and predictions. The devastating consequences of climate change are tangible and visible. For many people and ecosystems, heat waves are a threat to life and livelihood. We need to act now.

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Fabrice Lachance Nové
Press secretary