Nic Geddert to Run in Portage-Lisgar

Nic Geddert won the nomination race and will be the next Green Party of Canada candidate in Portage-Lisgar.

Nic is a dedicated community advocate with a strong passion for making a positive impact. He has been actively involved in various boards and committees, including the Spence Neighbourhood Association, Community Roots Resource Centre, Habitat for Humanity, 1JustCity, Syn-o-nym, and Storefront MB. Nic's focus is on creating play and meeting spaces, advancing youth programs, and coordinating advocacy efforts.

Within the Green Party, Nic has represented the party in campaigns and played a significant role in party initiatives. Nic has led the development of IT and conflict resolution committees and has been involved in indigenous consultations. Supporting youth initiatives and providing educational opportunities are top priorities for Nic.

Nic recognizes the political challenges that exist and aims to shape the narrative through meaningful change. He emphasizes the strength of communities when governments fall short and support the Green Party's plans to address societal issues. Nic is eager to connect with the people of Portage-Lisgar and other like-minded individuals within the Green Party to amplify the voices of problem solvers and work towards practical solutions.

With a resounding call for action, Nic is determined to make a difference and create a better future for their community and beyond.

"I am so pleased that Nic Geddert has stepped up to take the Green banner forward in the upcoming by-election in Portage-Lisgar, " said the GPC leader Elizabeth May.  “I know and respect Nic and have confidence in him. If elected, the people of Portage-Lisgar will have a champion to speak up for them!" 

“ When people toy with evil ideas to rise to power and return us to the 1930s, we have a responsibility to stand up and defend our democracy from their regressive ways and means, “  said Jonathan Pedneault, Deputy Leader for the Green Party of Canada and candidate in the by-election in NDG-Westmount. “As the battle to defend the rights of the many and the few from right-wing populism begins in this country, you can be sure that Greens will, as ever, be at the forefront. I am glad to count Nic among the many of us ready to wear our colors to defend this country. ”


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary