Green Party of Canada agrees to review confidential information, under security limitations; calls for an Independent Public Inquiry

OTTAWA - Green leaders Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault are repeating calls for a public inquiry into election interference.  Both Elizabeth May and Mike Morrice (MP Kitchener Centre) have repeatedly made it clear through debates and votes in the House of Commons that the Greens support the call for a public inquiry into election interference and maintain it should not be restricted to the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Unlike other opposition parties, the Greens have written the Rt Hon David Johnston to request access to security-protected documents and background.  

Also, unlike other opposition parties, the Greens were not contacted by the former Governor General to share perspectives and concerns.

“In our view, having the chance to review background and highly confidential information is an important aspect of our democratic process,” said Elizabeth May, MP (Saanich-Gulf Islands),  “If, after reviewing that information, we still believe a public inquiry is required, which I expect we will, then having full knowledge and greater context, is not a barrier to calling for a full public inquiry. Unlike Mr. Poilievre, we think being fully informed is a strength.”

Jonathan Pedneault, Deputy Leader (but in the process of moving to co-leadership with Ms May through the Greens’ Constitutional reform), is currently campaigning in Notre-Dame-de-Grace Westmount where he is a candidate in the by-election. He confirmed that the party will not abandon its calls for an Independent Inquiry. “Many reviews and commissions have found ways to keep security restricted materials secret while sharing with the public key information. I think of the Air India Inquiry and that reviewing how our intelligence services deprived Canadian citizen Maher Arar of his liberty, subjecting him to torture in a foreign country. Canadian inquiries have the tools to make more information public while protecting what must remain secret. In that one respect, we agree with David Johnston’s report. CSIS agents must not be allowed to act in defiance of their security clearances and go directly to the media.”

Greens will continue to press for a full Independent Public Inquiry while also agreeing to work with the Special Rapporteur until his mandate expires in October 2023.


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary