Cheryle Baker to Run in Oxford

Cheryle Baker won the nomination race and will be the next Green Party of Canada candidate in Oxford. Cheryle is a passionate advocate for social justice, public service, and environmental issues. With a background in law and a strong track record of effectively applying legislation to address people’s needs, Cheryle has dedicated her life to empowering individuals and businesses. One of her current passions is the Waterloo Region Grassroots Response, a charity she discovered while working with Stephanie Goertz, her fellow Green Party candidate. Through their efforts, the charity has experienced remarkable growth and support, even reaching communities beyond Waterloo Region.

Cheryle’s commitment to advocacy extends to various causes, including cancer, epilepsy, food banks, shelters, housing, schools, and healthcare. Her extensive advocacy work has gained recognition from city officials, news outlets, and even other political parties, such as the PC Party. With a strong connection to her community in Oxford, Cheryle’s personal investment in the agriculture sector and her expertise in industries like automotive and aerospace have allowed her to support local businesses and create employment opportunities.

She is also actively involved in education and mentoring apprentices, while advocating for policy and legislative changes that benefit the wider community. As an Indigenous Hungarian Canadian and a caregiver, Cheryle brings unique perspectives and problem-solving abilities to Parliament, making her a valuable asset in driving positive change and improving society.

"I am pleased to welcome Cheryle Baker as the Green Party candidate in the Oxford by-election. With former Conservative MP Dave MacKenzie endorsing the Liberal candidate, this is a by -election where anything could happen. Disillusioned supporters of the mainstream parties should consider Cheryl as their next Member of Parliament,” sait de GPC Leader Elizabeth May.” Like all Green MPs, Cheryl's number 1 job is to work for her constituents.  Greens do not whip votes. Greens work very hard in the interests of their constituents. Cheryle Baker will be a dedicated and outstanding Member of Parliament."

“Cheryle Baker is committed to her riding and to advancing Green policies needed to address the climate emergency,” Said the Deputy Leader Jonathan Pednault I’m thrilled to see Cheryle run again at a time when we all need to double down on this government’s failing approach to reducing our emissions and preparing our communities for the devastating impacts of climate change."


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary