A Green Future, a Just Society and Life with Dignity: Green Party unveils ambitious, achievable plan to secure Canada’s sustainable prosperity

OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada launched its 2021 election platform today – an ambitious, achievable plan to secure Canada’s sustainable prosperity with detailed policies that drive progress towards A Green Future, a Just Society and Life with Dignity.

“Green Party policies are matched to this moment because they reflect a belief that big things are still ahead for Canada,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. “This platform provides the framework to achieve that vision.” 

“We are in a climate emergency but, by acting now, Canada has the chance of a lifetime to accelerate its transition to a net-zero economy and become a world leader in cleantech and renewable energy. It’s where the jobs of the future are, and how we will stay globally competitive and build a prosperous sustainable future.

“While our party is best known for its climate focus, our innovative social policies have shone through during the pandemic. The urgent need for a guaranteed liveable income (GLI), long-term care reform and a safe supply to combat the opioid drug poisoning epidemic; sadly, the pandemic has proved the value of these policies over past months. There is now a growing cross-party and civil society consensus around these and other Green Party ideas.

“Our platform is what this moment calls for. Many of the tragic events that unfolded during the past 18 months revealed gaping fault lines in our society, vulnerabilities that, if not addressed, will leave us in a perilously weak position to face the immense challenges of the 21st century.  

“If we can combine the determination and ambition of Canadians with real political will and leadership, Canada has the chance of a lifetime to become a global leader in limiting climate change, securing our planet’s future, and creating one of the most competitive green economies in the world. By seizing this historic opportunity, we can turbo-boost our move to a green future, ensure a life with dignity for every person in Canada and forge a truly just society.

“For those who say Greens are dreamers, of course we are,” said Ms. Paul  “We are also leading scientists, entrepreneurs, students, creatives, and civil society leaders from diverse backgrounds across the country. Take a look in your community for the great Green running to represent you, and who is ready to be your fearless, daring champion.”


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Press Secretary