Green Party deeply alarmed by today’s bombings in Kabul

OTTAWA - The Green Party of Canada is alarmed and saddened by today’s reports of the deaths and serious injuries caused by twin bombings and gunfire at Kabul airport in Afghanistan. “We understand that at least 11 people have been killed as a result of this terrorist attack, and our hearts go out to the victims and their loved ones,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. 

“The attack was entirely foreseeable. The intelligence community had reported that the security situation at Kabul airport was deteriorating for weeks, and the high probability of such an attack was known. 

“This is all the more reason that Mr. Trudeau and his government should have finalized a plan months ago to ensure the safe evacuation of Canadian nationals, their families and the Afghan support staff who worked with Canada’s military and diplomacy well ahead of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now that the airport is closed, and the Afghan border is controlled by the Taliban, successfully extracting our people has become infinitely harder and much more dangerous. 

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely and to demand that Mr. Trudeau and his ministers provide the people of Canada with the details of their plan to extract every Canadian, their families and the Afghan support staff who worked with Canada during its mission in Afghanistan.”  

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GPC Press Secretary