With A Green Future, Life with Dignity and a Just Society Canadians will succeed in addressing immense challenges ahead, says Green Party Leader Annamie Paul

OTTAWA – Green Party of Canada Leader Annamie Paul kicked off her Toronto Centre campaign today calling for Canadians to: BE DARING! 

“In order to confront the biggest challenges, and seize the greatest opportunities of our time, Canadians must embrace the possibility of cooperation and common ground,” said Ms. Paul. “Greatness is within reach, and greatness is what we will need as we tackle the climate crisis, and build back from the pandemic. 

“This is a pivotal moment in history. Now, we have a chance to revitalise the economy with a robust green recovery plan that will transition Canadian workers to the clean economy of the future while forging a just society in which all Canadians can live with dignity.

Ms. Paul emphasized the folly of Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to call an election as the pandemic enters a fourth wave, as wildfires burn out of control and as events in Afghanistan put the lives of Canadians and their allies at risk.

 “There was a time when calling an election under the current circumstances would have been unimaginable; a time when any one of these events would have provoked an emergency recall of Parliament. Yet here we are.”

Ms. Paul highlighted some key statistics that underscore the reasons why an election should not have been called at this time:

  • 270: forest fires; 6000 plus properties evacuated; almost 28 thousand Candians on alert;
  • 49 degree celsius temperatures: the worst drought ever recorded in the Prairies and worst ever in Canadian history;
  • 570 Canadians who would not have died had it not been for the recent heat dome;
  • 4th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic; kids are going back to school.

“Unfortunately public health has lost out to partisan ambition and common sense has lost to the quest for power. But here’s where I think those backroom operators are mistaken: Canadians have expressed a desire for change and a new direction. The climate crisis and the pandemic are top of mind, and the calculations and polling of the Liberals may well be their undoing. 

“This is an unwarranted and unwanted election and we shouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t result in voter apathy. So while the backroom jockeying may have informed the Liberals’ decision making as they seek to secure a majority government, ultimately it will be the people of Canada who decide. 

“The green economy of the future is the greatest economic opportunity since the industrial revolution and is estimated to generate $3 trillion U.S dollars a year by 2030. This is Canada’s chance of a lifetime to accelerate its transition to a net-zero economy and become a global leader in cleantech and green infrastructure.”

“My election as Green Party Leader was an historic moment for Canada. In electing me, Greens proved once again that big things are still possible. Big ideas are exactly what we need at this unprecedented moment and this party has always, and will continue to be, an ideas factory, and the top destination for other parties seeking to replenish their intellectual reservoirs.

“We are a party that is matched to the moment because we offer a positive, progressive and compelling vision for the future. We are a party that will rise to the challenge, repair the economic and social damage caused by this devastating pandemic and secure Canada’s future prosperity by building a resilient society that will be better protected should disaster strike again. Sending more Green MPs to Ottawa this election will ensure this happens.

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Press Secretary