Green Party launches national candidate recruitment campaign: Time to Run

OTTAWA — The Green Party of Canada has launched a nationwide campaign – Time to Run – to recruit diverse, progressive community leaders as candidates for the next federal election. 

“This is truly an exciting time for the Green Party. We’re building momentum and reaching out across the country asking communities to nominate the outstanding leaders they want to see represent them in the next Parliament,” said Leader Annamie Paul.  

“The future is full of challenges, but also opportunities, and the next election will decide the direction we head in. We won’t arrive at a new destination with the same players. It’s time to usher in a new generation of MPs – people who believe Canada’s best years are ahead and are ready to get to work completing our social safety net, launching a post-pandemic Green Recovery, and forging a just society. 

“The Green Party believes that it’s time to build a Parliament as diverse as the Canadians it represents. Too often, people look at politicians and politics and don’t see themselves. The Green Party is saying “we see you and we value your leadership”. Maybe you’ve never pictured yourself in politics, but if you wake up every day putting your community first, you’re the kind of candidate we want.  

“With the Time to Run campaign, the Green Party is recruiting candidates who are delivering leadership in their communities, day in and day out. These are often unsung heroes - frontline workers, professionals, students, community organisers, small business owners – quietly getting things done on behalf of their neighbours. We all know who these leaders are in our community, so nominate one to run to be your MP, and if you are such a leader, step up to run.  

“The Time to Run campaign is our way of saying to diverse leaders to take the leap, join us - nominate yourself or someone you know. We see the leadership in you, we know your place is in Parliament and we are ready to support you in that role. We can make history together!” 

VIDEO: Time to Run 

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Rosie Emery

Press Secretary