Green Party of Canada supports Conservative motion but cautions against hyper-partisan politics

TORONTO   – Green MPs will vote in favour of a motion calling on the Standing Committee on Health to undertake a multi-pronged detailed review of the government's response to COVID-19 including requiring the government to disclose records related to the COVID-19 response. However the Green Party of Canada wishes to underline that cross-party cooperation and collaboration, not hyper-partisan politics, remains the order of the day during this unprecedented time.

“Last week the Liberals chose to weaponise the confidence vote and this week we are concerned that Conservatives are looking to do the same with committees,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. 

“Obviously Canadians expect parliamentarians to be able to put questions to the government in a reasonable manner, and timely answers are expected. However, we’re going to be watching carefully to make sure that the work of the Health Committee is not used for political grandstanding. The only questions that need to be asked should be those that enable Parliament to make the best decisions on behalf of people in Canada, with respect to the health aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic response, and to provide proper oversight.”

“As we have said before, the Green Party will always choose people over politics. We are currently in the second wave of this pandemic, and there remains much work to be done to ensure we help people and businesses to get through it safely and securely.”

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