Historic number of Greens register to vote for new leader

OTTAWA – Sept 3 was the cut-off to become a member eligible to vote in the GPC Leadership Contest 2020 and by midnight thousands of Canadians had signed up to choose the next Green Leader.  Eight outstanding contestants are vying to replace former leader Elizabeth May, who stepped down in November 2019 after thirteen years at the helm. 

The Green Party’s membership was already at record highs when the contest started in February after their most successful election ever in 2019. Today, galvanized by the leadership contestants and their followers, membership has risen to almost 35,000. An increase of more than 50% from the post-election strength of around 22,000.

The party saw increases across all regions in Canada. Over one-third of members are from Ontario while over one-quarter are in the traditional Green stronghold of B.C.. Over the contest the highest growth in party membership was in the Northern Territories (76 per cent increase) and Quebec (65 per cent increase). 

“The excitement being generated by our leadership contest is incredible,” said Green Party Interim Leader Jo-Ann Roberts. “The calibre and diversity of the contestants is remarkable, and their broad appeal is reflected by the sharp rise in membership and donation numbers. This is truly a pivotal moment for the party, and I think Canadians are ready to embrace new ideas and solutions. 

“Under Elizabeth May’s leadership, the party has grown to a caucus of three MPs in Ottawa. Interest in Greens across the country is on the rise and now, with any one of these contestants as the new leader, we will be poised to achieve official party status. It’s an exciting time to be Green.”

Online voting for the new leader begins on September 26 and ends October 3, 2020 at 3.30 p.m. (PT). The new leader of the Green Party of Canada will be announced at a live event in Ottawa on the evening of October 3, 2020. 

“The accomplishments, competence and diversity of the leadership contestants is extraordinary,” said Green Party Executive Director Prateek Awasthi. "Canadians are looking for leadership they can trust to make decisions in the best interests of future generations. That’s precisely what the Greens have to offer. 

“Across the country, wherever Greens get elected, provincially or federally, they provide thoughtful, compassionate and decisive leadership while governing collaboratively with other political parties. Isn’t that what Canada needs to rebuild better and re-emerge stronger from this crisis?”

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