The Green Party of Canada wants to support public servants cheated by the Phoenix payroll system fiasco

MONTREAL, QC — A Green Party government will not abandon the hard-working employees of the federal public service. Federal government employees have been treated unfairly during the transition from a departmental payroll system to the centralized Phoenix system. The Green Party of Canada wants all political parties to work together to ensure that all public service employees adversely impacted by Phoenix are compensated. 

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) says that many of its members and their families continue to suffer fallout from the Phoenix fiasco more than three years after the switch to the new system. The Parliamentary Budget Officer says it could be more than four years before all employees are fully compensated.

Deputy Leader of the Green Party Daniel Green said: “The Liberals and Conservatives are responsible for this massive failure in which federal government employees continue to experience delays in payment, underpayment and overpayment of salaries and confusion about the salary owed to them. This is a source of great anxiety for many families. This is a major embarrassment for the government of Canada.”

Originally intended to produce savings, the transition to a centralized payroll system has instead cost Canadian taxpayers more than $2.6 billion. Given the lack of payroll expertise within Phoenix departments, it is imperative to provide the right expertise as corrections are made and a new system put in place.

Employees are entitled to support from departmental staff as they set up their pay correction files. They should be able to get a salary advance issued quickly and directly by their department, instead of continuing to wait for their outstanding payments.

“Federal employees should be treated with respect and the government should provide immediate compensation to those most seriously affected,” said Mr. Green.

“We call on all political parties to agree to provide immediate compensation to all federal public servants who have been affected by the Phoenix shambles, and to work with the PSAC to find more just solutions.”

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Rosie Emery
Press Secretary