Green Party Stands Up Against PressProgress, NDP False Reporting Party Lodges Official Complaint with National NewsMedia Council and Broadbent Institute

OTTAWA - Today the Green Party of Canada (GPC) launched an official complaint with Canada’s National NewsMedia Council and the Broadbent Institute over intentionally misleading reporting from PressProgress.

PressProgress, a project of the Broadbent Institute with close ties to the NDP, sent an intentionally misleading questionnaire to 200 Green Party candidates. Only 35 candidates responded, but PressProgress claimed that was enough to present their unscientific survey results as fact.

PressProgress falsely claimed that several of the candidates who responded to the survey are anti-choice. NDP candidates then spread this false information on social media.

“This is a malicious attack that demonstrates a complete lack of journalistic integrity,” said GPC Director of Communications John Chenery. “It is disappointing to see PressProgress acting not as a legitimate journalism outlet but as the propaganda wing of a political party. That NDP candidates would spread these lies is disillusioning.”

The GPC has asked PressProgress and the NDP to issue a correction and an apology.

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Rosie Emery
Press Secretary