Green Party appoints Shadow Cabinet Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing

OTTAWA — Leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) has appointed Tim Grant (University-Rosedale, ON) to be the critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing on her Shadow Cabinet. The Shadow Cabinet develops party positions based on policies adopted by Green Party membership.

Mr. Grant was chair of the Harbord Village Residents Association for seven years and has been involved in numerous urban projects in the Toronto region, including: the Downtown West Solar Energy Project that enabled dozens of downtown residents to add solar panels to their rooftops; the Tower Power Toronto, an initiative that enabled the greening of condos, coops and apartment buildings and most recently he’s been very involved with Charter City Toronto, a project to help the city gain the power to make its own decisions and have the financial resources it needs to thrive.

“It’s time to remove the 19th century handcuffs that prevent Canadian cities from solving their most urgent challenges,” said Mr. Grant.  “We now need the federal government to work with the provinces to ensure that cities have more independence in decision-making and receive a greater share of overall tax revenues. I’m proud to represent a party whose urban platform remains the strongest of all political parties.”

In addition to his experience in urban affairs, Mr. Grant is the publisher of Green Teacher, one of the most respected environmental education magazines in the world. Over the years, he edited 10 books and hosted 85 webinars on a wide variety of education topics.

“Tim Grant will be a great asset in guiding the party on issues of municipal affairs and housing,” said Leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands). “Affordable housing is a crucial issue facing many Canadians, who can no longer afford to live in the cities where they work. Tim has been engaging with municipalities in the Toronto region for some time and is cognizant of the complex problems facing urban centres. As we move towards retrofitting buildings and preparing cities for the increasing challenges brought on by the climate crisis, his experience and knowledge will be of tremendous help.”

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