Greens call for sweeping ban on handguns and assault weapons

OTTAWA — The Green Party of Canada today called for a Canada-wide ban on semi-automatic (assault) rifles and all handguns except those used for sport and by police. Green MPs will propose a confidential buyback program to compensate legal gun owners wishing to surrender their weapons and to encourage owners of illegal weapons to do the same. Handguns for sport shooting would be exempt but their use would be restricted to   secure shooting ranges.

“We support legal hunters and those who need guns in rural areas. But guns in urban areas are not acceptable,” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands). The only exception for those outside police forces are for carefully regulated sports.  Handguns and automatic weapons are to kill people. They should be banned.  Guns in cities are not the same as the use of guns in rural communities. Gun violence is on the rise in major Canadian cities and that tells us we have a problem. We need to act now.”

“Law-abiding citizens pursuing legal activities such as hunting with long guns need not fear unreasonable fees or the threat of prosecution. At the same time we have to crack down on gun smuggling across the U.S. border, the conduit for many of the handguns that end up on our streets. It’s crucial that we work with each of the U.S. border states and invest in tougher measures to stop the movement of illegal firearms.”

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