Elizabeth May congratulates Mark de Bruijn for his win in the contested North Island-Powell River nomination

March 22 -- SIDNEY, B.C. – Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands), will be in Campbell River Saturday, March 23, to attend the campaign launch of Mark de Bruijn, the party’s candidate for North Island-Powell River in this year’s federal election.

“I’m thrilled that Mark de Bruijn has accepted the nomination to run for the Green Party,” said Ms May. “It was a spirited race, and I’d like to thank Blair Cusak for his efforts, and Sandra Milligan for her commitment to the party. As I’ve travelled across Canada on the Community Matters Tour, it’s clear that there’s an upsurge of support for the Greens from coast to coast. Great candidates like Mark will ensure that the Green wave keeps building right up to election day.”

Mark de Bruijn moved to the Comox Valley 15 years ago as a high school science teacher and school principal in the Campbell River district. Since retiring seven years ago, he has become more focused on global issues of environmental preservation, social justice and cooperative governance. The Green Party’s values and policies were a natural fit.

When: March 23, 3.30pm - 5.30pm (PDT)
Where: Maritime Heritage Centre, 621 Island Hwy., Campbell River
Hosted by: The North Island - Powell River Federal Green Party Association (NIPR GReens)

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