New Green Party candidate for Victoria to speak at youth climate rally

VICTORIA – Racelle Kooy, who will be acclaimed as the federal Green Party candidate for Victoria, will unofficially launch her campaign Friday, February 15, at the Youth Rising for Climate Justice Rally outside the B.C. legislature.

“I’ve always been nonpartisan,” said the community outreach specialist, “but these kids are asking us to be adults, step up and save the planet and I felt the best way to accomplish that and honour my heritage and our future was to do whatever I can to support the party of the future.”

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be the candidate for one of Canada’s Greenest ridings,” said Kooy. “Victoria historically elects MPs who fight for green values. It’s time for Victoria to elect a Green MP.

“This riding was the birthplace of the Species at Risk Act under David Anderson. And this is the riding that needs to lead the fight to make sure that the act is enforced to protect the southern resident orcas from the Trudeau-Morneau pipeline.”

In 2015, the Green Party’s candidate for Victoria was former CBC host Jo-Ann Roberts, who finished second and received the most Green votes in Canada apart from party leader Elizabeth May. Roberts now serves as the Greens’ Deputy Leader and is running in Halifax. In the 2012 by-election that brought the NDP’s Murray Rankin to parliament, Green candidate, Donald Galloway, also came second and lost by less than a thousand votes.

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will be in attendance when Kooy is acclaimed as candidate for Victoria at a meeting of the party’s Victoria Electoral District Association on Sunday, February 24, from 2-4 p.m. at the Ambrosia Conference and Event Centre.



Jonathan Dickie