Greens urge NDP to adopt progressive resolutions at policy convention

(OTTAWA) — Ahead of this weekend’s NDP policy convention in Ottawa, the Green Party of Canada is keenly interested in several progressive resolutions on the agenda, and encourages the NDP to stand firm on its stated commitment to social justice.

"One of the six fundamental principles of the global Green movement is social justice, so Greens are understandably excited to see a federal political party considering resolutions that are in line with current Green Party policies and values," said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands). "We believe in cooperation with the other parties, which enables Green policy — developed and passed through a members-led and consensus-based process — to work its way from our grassroots base, all the way up to governmental priorities.   

“There are numerous resolutions at this weekend’s NDP convention that push the party to support a guaranteed livable income. The Greens are currently the only party to promote this policy, which would ensure that every Canadian is given a chance at a dignified life — free from poverty. We would warmly welcome the NDP as a partner in advocating for a basic income for all Canadians. The levels of poverty in this country are unacceptable, and urgent measures are required to lift millions of Canadians out of this vicious and dehumanizing cycle.  

"It would also provide further momentum to longstanding Green Party policy if the NDP joined us in supporting the elimination of tuition fees and the forgiveness of student debt. The student movement in Canada has really done its homework; tuition-free postsecondary education is both achievable and sensible in a wealthy country such as ours. We must compete globally, while ensuring that Canadians’ right to accessible postsecondary education is paramount. The rights of Indigenous students are particularly important.

"On the broader issue of human rights, the Green Party is proud of its policy — ratified a year ago — which calls on the government of Israel to preserve the two-state solution. We encourage the NDP to join with us and the wider human rights community in calling for a ban on the importation of goods from the illegal settlements, an end to the siege of Gaza, and for the rights of all Israelis and Palestinians to be respected equally. Israel should not be singled out but all of our allies must respect international law," concluded Ms. May.

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Green Party policy on a Guaranteed Livable Income:

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