Greens finish ahead of NDP, Bloc in Saint-Laurent by-election

(OTTAWA) – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands), congratulates Green candidates in five federal by-elections.

Candidates were Daniel Green, Deputy Leader, Green Party of Canada (Saint-Laurent); Nira Dookeran (Ottawa–Vanier); Caryn Bergmann (Markham—Thornhill); Taryn Knorren (Calgary Heritage); and Ryan Zedic (Calgary Midnapore).

“Thank you to our candidates for their dedication and commitment to their communities, and for highlighting critical issues like real climate action and electoral reform,” Ms. May said. “Our Deputy Leader Daniel Green received 8% of the vote in Saint-Laurent and finished ahead of the NDP and Bloc candidates.

“These by-elections, held under our antiquated First Past the Post voting system, show how urgently we need proportional representation to ensure that every vote counts," Ms. May concluded.

Mr. Green said: "For the first time in Quebec, the Green Party is ahead of the NDP and the Bloc in an election. This historic result sends a message that the Green Party is now a viable third option. This result is only the beginning; we will continue to work hard to demonstrate the relevance of the green vote."


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