2015 Green Party Platform Reflects Leap Manifesto Policy

Note: This is a re-issued media release from September 15, 2015.

(OTTAWA) September 15, 2015 – The Green Party of Canada commends the signatories of the Leap Manifesto which is unveiled today in Toronto.

“The Manifesto calls for boldness and decisiveness. I encourage every Canadians to read it and sign it. But don’t just sign it: vote for it. The platform the Green Party unveiled last week offers signatories a chance to vote for what they believe in,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, running for re-election in Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Table: Extracts from the Leap Manifesto & Green Party Platform

Leap Manifesto

Green Party 2015 Platform

Opposition to new oil and gas pipelines, fracking, increased tanker traffic.

Opposition to new oil and gas pipelines, fracking, increased tanker traffic.

A national childcare program.

Ensure high-quality affordable child care.

A universal basic annual income.

A Guaranteed Livable Income to ensure no Canadian lives in poverty.

End to fossil fuel subsidies.

End to fossil fuel subsidies.

A progressive carbon tax

We will place a fee on carbon, and pay the funds it generates directly to every Canadian over age 18 in the form of an annual carbon dividend.

Invest in our decaying public infrastructure so that it can withstand increasingly frequent extreme weather events.

Canada’s infrastructure deficit is estimated to be upwards of $350-billion. We will work to close this gap by committing $6.4 billion per year, one point of the GST, to municipal infrastructure.

We will create a Canadian Infrastructure Bank to provide more robust and innovative financing and investment partnerships for public infrastructure.

Moving to a far more localized and ecologically-based agricultural system.

We will fund community supported agriculture, farmers’ markets, small-scale farms and producers, and the wineries and microbreweries that Canadians love.

We call for an end to all trade deals that interfere with our attempts to rebuild local economies, regulate corporations and stop damaging extractive projects.

We will vigorously oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA).

Greens will also work with Green MPs in governments around the world to open a full-scale global review of all investor-state agreements with the goal of revising and improving all of them to rebalance rights to democracies and reduce global corporate rule.

Ensure immigration status and full protection for all workers.

Welcome and integrate new Canadians over the long term. The short-term employment focus of the Temporary Foreign Workers Programs both exploits those workers, often denied a route to Canadian citizenship, while denying Canadians those job opportunities.



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