Green Party Stands up for Canada Post

(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich – Gulf Islands), unveiled the Green Party’s plan to keep Canada Post sustainable and profitable.

“Canada Post is a vital service for Canadians that connects us from coast to coast to coast and encourages small business growth, which is reliant on its distribution networks and low postage rates. Thousands of Canadians – including seniors with mobility issues and Canadians living with disabilities – worry that Stephen Harper’s elimination of home delivery will disproportionately affect them,” said Elizabeth May. “In the next Parliament, Green MPs will diversify services, restore home delivery, and provide environmentally-friendly postage.”

The Green Party will provide Canada Post with new revenue tools to keep it profitable and operating at a service level that Canadians expect. The Green Party’s plan is to:

  • Restore home delivery service;
  • Reverse Stephen Harper’s cuts to service made in 2014;
  • Diversify the services Canada Post offers, including insurance sales, banking and commerce services, supplementary pension plans, and expanded services to remote communities. Other countries, including Switzerland, France, and New Zealand, posted increased revenues after diversifying services;
  • Restore and maintain service in rural communities;
  • Consolidate delivery services to make deliveries simpler for customers, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership’s provisions that end government funding of Crown Corporations.

“Canadians deserve more public consultation and accountability from federal government, especially with decisions like this where 5.1 million households across the country will be directly affected and more than 6000 jobs will be lost. In total, 577 municipalities passed resolutions opposing the decision unless Canada Post consulted with Canadians,” concluded Frances Litman, Green Party Transport Critic and candidate (Esquimalt – Saanich – Sooke). “The decision to phase out home delivery will adversely affect seniors and mobility-challenged individuals, and produce a significant amount of carbon pollution in both the production and installation of 250,000 new community mailboxes and from the people who leave their cars idling at them.”


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