Globe and Munk Decision Denies Canadians a chance to hear from all Leaders

(OTTAWA) - Statement from Julian Morelli, Green Party Director of Communications:

“The decision to exclude Elizabeth May from the Globe and Mail and Munk debates is unbelievable given that these two institutions proclaim to be fair, open, and unbiased. This is clearly not the case and Canadians need to know the facts.  

“Is it coincidental that only parties that support the fossil fuel industry and pipeline expansion are invited to these debates?  Add to this that the Globe and Mail has in the past endorsed Stephen Harper – so it is not a neutral sponsor.

“We are not begging to be in these debates, nor should we have to. This is about allowing all Canadians to hear the views from all major party leaders in an unscripted format - Canadians want a fair and open debate.

“We have decided to release correspondence that we had with both organizations to ensure that Canadians fully understand that these decisions were done in the absence of any justifiable rationale.”

(See attached correspondence)


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Julian Morelli
Director of Communications
Green Party of Canada
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