Deputy Leader Bruce Hyer Motion to Pass Lake Superior Marine Conservation Act Unanimously Passed by House of Commons

(OTTAWA) - A motion introduced by Deputy Leader Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay – Superior North) to pass Bill C-61, The Lake Superior Conservation Act, today received unanimous consent.

“I was pleased to see MPs from all parties recognize how important this bill is to Northern Ontarians,” said Bruce Hyer. “The bill is long overdue – In 2007, Stephen Harper personally promised to create and fund a Lake Superior Marine Conservation Area, and promised again in 2009, with no results until now. Without Green MPs, this bill would have likely been forgotten again by the other parties, who were eager to leave Parliament early. It will be an important milestone, if it is also passed by the Senate before the close of the session.”

Opposition Parties and the Government had planned to seek unanimous consent from the House of Commons to adjourn before the final day of Parliament, with several bills still on the Order Paper. Bill C-61 will now be sent to the Senate for review and debate. Deputy Leader Hyer said he will seek the unanimous consent of the Senate before Parliament adjourns for the summer.

“I am so thankful to Bruce for submitting the motion and to all MPs who gave unanimous consent,” concluded Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands). “Greens have once again demonstrated that even a few MPs can foster collaboration and consensus.  While we still have more work to do in this Parliamentary Session, we will continue to strive for a Canada that works together. That’s what Canadians expect and what they deserve.”


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