Passage of Bill C-51 by Senate is Reckless

(OTTAWA) -  Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf  Islands), issued the following statement regarding the Senate's passage of Bill C-51 today:

“As I have said from the beginning, Bill C-51 will not make Canadians safer. Instead, it will confuse and confound law enforcement in the investigation of actual threats. This was also an opportunity for Senators to show their independence from the Prime Minister - they failed miserably.

“It is further deplorable that Stephen Harper rushed the bill through Parliament, using the politics of fear to ignore the legitimate criticisms of four former Prime Ministers, six former Supreme Court Justices, over 100 Canadian legal scholars, the AFN, and even from the National Firearms Association. He is trying to divide Canadians and silence opposition against his reckless economic policies.

“In the next election, Canadians will have an opportunity to express their feelings on the direction this country is heading. As the first Party to oppose this dangerous bill, the Green Party has been clear: We must build bridges of understanding with the Islamic community, improve mental health and addiction counselling, create reliable outreach programs to counter radicalization.”

“In the next Parliament, following the Conservative Party's defeat at the polls, I am committed to repealing C51.”


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