Green Party welcomes JiCi Lauzon as candidate for Pierre-Boucher-les Patriotes-Verchère

JiCi Lauzon

(VARENNES) - The Green Party of Canada welcomes JiCi Lauzon as its candidate for the riding of Pierre-Boucher-les Patriotes-Verchère. 

“I am delighted JiCi is running as our candidate in the South shore of Montreal,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands). “JiCi Lauzon is a highly respected member of his community whose commitment to defending the environment makes him the right choice for residents of his riding.”

“I know JiCi Lauzon will be a top-notch candidate and Member of Parliament,” added Daniel Green, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada and candidate for Ville-Marie – Le Sud-Ouest – Île-des-Soeurs. “Residents of Pierre-Boucher-les Patriotes-Verchère can count on JiCi and the Green Party to fight for issues facing Quebec, including the defense of our agricultural lands and rivers.”

JiCi Lauzon is a well-known Québec cultural commentator who has worked on various environmental initiatives in the past. Mr. Lauzon added that working with Coalition Eau Secours, la Marche Action Climat and le Climat Show de Québec, prepared him to run as a Green Party candidate.

“We have a responsibility to defend our rivers and lakes so our children and grandchildren can also enjoy them,” concluded JiCi Lauzon. “It gives me hope to see Quebec residents reject the status quo – together, we can use this opportunity to increase economic prosperity and natural habitats that we all enjoy.”


For additional information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Julian Morelli
Director of Communications
Green Party of Canada
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