Deputy Leader Daniel Green appointed as Green Party’s Health Critic

(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands, is pleased to announce the appointment of Deputy Leader, Daniel Green, as the party’s new Health Critic. 

“I have a great deal of respect for Daniel Green, who has worked across Canada to prevent the spread of environmental contaminants that negatively impact the health of Canadians,” said Ms. May. “Cancers and chronic conditions like asthma continue to affect the well-being of Canadians and are largely caused by environmental factors. I am confident that in his new role as Health Critic, Daniel will use his scientific expertise to increase access to preventative care, which will reduce the prevalence of these debilitating diseases and medical conditions.”

Green, an environmental scientist and social activist, has worked with towns, cities, and First Nations communities to limit the introduction of carcinogens and toxins into the environment. He led la Société pour Vaincre la Pollution, a pioneer Quebec environmental organization, for nearly 20 years. Daniel Green’s research has educated communities about the health threats of toxic substances.

“The best way we can reduce or prevent medical conditions caused by environmental degradation is to fund research into adaptable community-based prevention strategies,” concluded Daniel Green. That would allow us to create cost-effective solutions that improve the health outcomes of Canadians.”


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