Elizabeth May Appoints Green Candidate Lynne Quarmby as Science Policy Critic

Elizabeth May Appoints Green Candidate Lynne Quarmby as Science Policy Critic

(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader and Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands, is pleased to announce the appointment of Burnaby North – Seymour candidate, Professor Lynne Quarmby as the Green Party of Canada Critic for Science Policy.

“I am confident that Lynne will bring her extensive experience, knowledge, and common sense to this role,” said Ms. May. “I also know that she will press for bills and legislation that are presented in the House of Commons to be based on reliable evidence rather than ideology.”

Professor Quarmby is an internationally renowned cell biologist, researcher, and social activist at Simon Fraser University. Her research has enhanced medical knowledge of Polycystic Kidney Disease and opened up new possibilities for treating it.

She was recognized in 2011 by the National Research Council for her contributions. In 2010, the Vancouver Sun named Ms. Quarmby one of the 100 Most Influential Women in BC.

Lynne Quarmby said that the Harper Conservatives’ continual undermining of evidence-based decision-making was what led her to join the Green Party, the only party to consistently choose science over politics.

“Since coming into office, Stephen Harper has muzzled government scientists and labelled people who disagree with his dangerous plans as ‘radicals’,” Lynne Quarmby concluded. "Regardless of ideology, policies must be grounded in credible science, and the Green Party has advocated for this time and time again.”


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