An Open Letter to the Voters of Ontario from Elizabeth May

To the voters of Ontario:

As Leader of the federal Green Party, I have watched the Ontario election campaign with great concern.

First and foremost, I am proud of the impressive job done by Ontario Green leader Mike Schreiner and all GPO candidates. Mike's reasonable, levelheaded responses to questions and challenges have risen above the partisan sniping. ‎More Ontario residents than ever hope for Green voices in Queen's Park. Mike Schreiner, MPP, will play a positive role in the life of this province.

However, I have grown increasingly concerned watching Andrea Horwath essentially promote the election of a Conservative administration under Tim Hudak. Strong NDP supporters have publicly condemned her cynical approach. I sense that many progressive voters are so dispirited that they may not turn out to vote. Low voter turnout in advance polls is a bad sign. I make no bones about it: I respect Kathleen Wynne. I do not like all Liberal policies; nor do I support any provincial party other than the Greens. ‎But there is a level of partisanship that exceeds sense, and Ms. Horwath now exemplifies it.

There is one thing that can ride to the rescue in the dying days of this campaign: a surge in citizen action. Don't think of it as an action to support any politician. Think of it as supporting your own family, neighbourhood and community. Young and old, whether traditionally Liberal, NDP, Green or PC, get out and vote! Bring friends to vote with you! We need to rise above that sense of disgust, and strike out in faith and hope to reclaim Ontario's future.

- Elizabeth May, O.C., MP
Leader, Green Party of Canada
Member of Parliament, Saanich­­–Gulf Islands


Nicholas Gall
Communications Coordinator
Green Party of Canada
(613) 614 4916