Green Party of Canada Congratulates Adam Olsen

SIDNEY, B.C. – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, today offered congratulations to Adam Olsen, named yesterday as interim leader for the Green Party of British Columbia.

“In the May 14th BC election, Adam Olsen came within a few hundred votes of becoming my MLA in Saanich-North and the Islands.  I have always been impressed by his energy and dedication. He bridges the two cultures of First Nations and new arrivals to Saanich Peoples' traditional territories with a positive and inspirational approach. Adam is a good friend and will be a wonderful leader for the BC Green Party in this interim period,” said Ms. May.

The BC Green Party succeeded in electing its first MLA, Dr. Andrew Weaver, internationally respected climate scientist.  Dr. Weaver has said he wants to concentrate on conquering the transition from scientist to member of the legislature.  The additional challenge of leading the party is not something he wanted to take on in the short term.  “With Andrew Weaver in the Legislature and Adam Olsen able to travel the province to build the party, I see a very bright and green future for British Columbia,” said Ms. May.

The Green Party of Canada also congratulates the BC Green Party on selecting a First Nations member to lead their party.



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